Outline for Personal Musicianship project; Learning a new Instrument

Sites being used:

This website provides some good history about the recorder during the Renaissance time period.  This website will be useful when trying to learn about what kinds of music the recorder was originally intended to play.

This site provides more history into the development of the recorder.

Frans Bruggen is considered one of the best recorder players to have lived.  If you want to know how to properly play the recorder you have to listen to Frans Bruggen.

This is a recorder fingering chart and although it may look very childish I think that if I was teaching a general music class this page as a printout would most likely get students more involved with learning their fingerings because it is colorful.

This is a recorder method book that if I was going to teach this instrument to a student I would consider using because I have used this book with students on trumpet before and have gotten positive results.  I may even order one of these for myself to help my recorder playing.

This is a tutorial on how to play recorder on a very basic level.  He talks about how to hold the recorder and goes through 3 notes, B A and G. He has other videos which discuss this  how to play the recorder as well, goes through a lot of material in about 25 minutes worth of videos.

This is a recorder duet that I could learn and record via bandhub, I could also include piano to play the chords as accompaniment.

This video has the notes that I will need to play along with a video of someone playing the recorder that I could mimic if this is a song I choose to perform.

When thinking about how I will work on this piece I have to first figure out what the fingerings are in order for me to play the correct notes.  Someone who might perform this would be two students in third grade who are “advanced” players.  It could be performed at a talent show.  If I perform this I would add dynamics and different articulations to the song.


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